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2011 Call for projects in the field of viral safety for biological products
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1st Call for projects in the field of viral safety for biological products


The Alliance BioSecure Foundation, recognized as a public utility since December 2006, has been established to improve analysis, understanding and management of public health risks related to current or emerging microbiological agents. The foundation, initially focused in the field of prion research, wishes to enlarge its scope to viral safety of biologicals on the topic of emerging viruses.

The two following categories will be considered:

  1. Research, development and/ or validation of methods/ models aimed to remove or inactivate non-enveloped viruses notably in the production of biological products, and in the decontamination of instruments and surfaces.
  2. High throughput sequencing: applications to viral safety of biologicals

A total amount of 200 000 Euros will be granted to the projects selected by the independent Scientific Committee, composed of Professors Francis Barin, Jacques-Christian Darbord, Marc Eloit, Bruno Pozzetto and Jean-Marie Seigneurin, and approved by the board under the presidency of Dr Jean-François Prost (LFB).

Eligibility criteria

  • The teams must be located in Europe or in a country belonging to the FP7 Third Country Agreements (Swiss, Israel, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Turkey, Croatia, Macedonia and Serbia, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • Projects implying collaboration between several European research teams or institutions are eligible
  • Projects can be co-financed by other institutions

Time schedule

  1. Call opening: October 18
  2. Deadline for receipt of Letters of Intent: January 18
  3. Notification of Selected Projects for Full Grant Applications: March 7
  4. Deadline for receipt of Full Grant Applications: April 12
  5. Grants awarded announcement: May 23


Dr Valérie de Broglie, Director
Tel : +33 (0)6 75 31 14 44
Mel : valerie.debroglie@fondation-alliance-biosecure.org

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