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Call for 2010 Grant Applications


The Alliance BioSecure Foundation has been recognized as a public utility since December 2006, established with a five-year plan to improve analysis, understanding and management of public health risk related to current or emerging microbiological agents.
Following the Scientific Council recommendation the Foundation has decided this year again to give the highest priority to research projects aimed at minimizing biological risk from prions. The following categories will be considered:

  1. Research, development or validation of methods to detect prions in human or animal biological fluids & organs.
  2. Methods to remove or destroy potential prions contaminants in the production of biological products, or to remove or decontaminate instruments/surfaces.
  3. Elucidation of the prion misfolding process; characterization of the mechanics of the molecular transformation; elucidation of the relationship of the misfolded prion protein and its molecular intermediates to the manifestations of disease.
  4. Epidemiology of prion diseases focused on emerging risk

The Foundation makes available for use at a BSL-3 biosafety level (NeuroPrion Research Platform CEA Paris) the following equipment:
Influx cell sorter dedicated to prions and other highly resistant pathogens
- Inverted confocal microscope

Total amount 400 000  Euros will be granted to the projects selected by the Scientific Board, composed by international experts chaired by two co-presidents: Dr Paul Brown, Former Senior Investigator at NIH (USA), and Dr Jean -Philippe Deslys, CEA, France, coordinator of Neuroprion Network, and approved by the board under the presidency
of  Dr J.F. Prost (LFB).

2010 Time Schedule

  1. Deadline for receipt of Letters of Intent: 10 May
  2. Notification of Selected Projects for Full Grant Applications: 7 June
  3. Deadline for receipt of Full Grant Applications: 7 July
  4. Grants awarded: 8-11 September 2010  (Prion 2010 Meeting in Austria )
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