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2011 Call for projects in the field of viral safety for biological products
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Selected projects 2008

Following the call annoucement, the Foundation received 46 letters of intent,16 from France, 7 from Italy, 6 from USA, 5 from England, 2 from Germany and 10 from 10 different countries. The number of letters of intent increased by 25% versus 2007, 6 letters of intent are a follow up of 2007 projects.

Selection Process

The Scientific council evaluation is following a two steps process. First phase concerns the evaluation of the 46 letters of intent. Individual review and rating is done individually for each letter.

Selected Projects

9 projects have been selected, topic for 6 of them is detection, one is decontamination, one is basic science and one therapeutic. 5 of them are a follow up of 2007 projects.

  • Project Bohutohu
    Comparaison of Bovine BSE-L and Human CJD prions phenotypic traits upon transmission To Human PrP transgenic mice - V. BERINGUE, INRA Jouy en Josas in collaboration with S. HAIK, INSERM, and A. PERRET-LIAUDET, Groupement Hospitalier de Lyon Est.

  • Project TSETC
    Development of cell cultures susceptible to transmissible spongiform encephalopathy (TSE) agents, including vCJD - L. CERVENAKOVA (American Red Cross Holland Laboratory – USA)

  • Project RAAMY
    Risk Assesment of iatrogenic transmission of neuro-AMYloidoses - E. COMOY (CEA de Fontenay aux Roses) and M. POCCHIARI (Instituto Superiore di Sanita – Rome), in collaboration with CEA-I2BM (M. DHENAIN), AP-HP (C. DUYCKAERTS), CNRS (M. MADDELEIN), INSERM (M.B. DELISLE) and Stéris (G. FICHET).

  • Project Vole PMCA
    Improved PMCA technology for diagnosis, strain typing, risk assesment and transconformation studies of prion diseases - U. AGRIMI and G.M. COSSEDU (Instituto Superiore di Sanita, Rome), Prolongation 2007

  • Project Prion Blood Primate
    Assesment of prion infectivity in blood in primate and sheep models, and evaluation of removal processes - D. DERNIS (EFS Nord) and K. HOLADA (Charles University Prague), in collaboration with J. COSTE (EFS PM), E. COMOY (CEA Fontenay aux Roses), V. BERINGUE (INRA de Jouy en Josas) (H. LAUDE), and B. YOU (LFB), Prolongation 2007

  • Project CSF PMCA
    Development and evaluation of a diagnostic test for CJ disease based on the detection of PrPSc in cerebrospinal fluid using in vitro amplification techniques including protein misfolding cyclic amplification - A. GREEN (NCJDS Unit – Edinburg)

  • Project PrioDia
    Development of highly sensitive and specific methods for early detection of protein aggregation diseases ; Proximity Ligation-based detection of prion diseases - M. KAMALI (Uppsala University , Sweden), Prolongation 2007

  • Project PICS
    Prion infected cells sorting to develop robust cell models infectable by human prion strains - F. MOUTHON (CEA de Fontenay aux Roses), Prolongation 2007

  • Projet PMARDD
    Rational Design of PrP Conversion Inhibitors : a new structure-based approach toward anti-prion chemotherapeutics - H. REZAEI (INRA Jouy-en-Josas) in collaboration with F. FRATERNALI (King’s College of London) and F. MOUTHON (CEA). Prolongation 2007
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