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Selected projects 2007


Eight collaborative projects have been selected (out of 36 evaluated dossiers). All of them address the research topics defined by the Scientific Council in accordance with the objectives of the Foundation Alliance Biosecure.

The eight selected projects for the 2007 call are the following ones :

Axis 1

  • Physiopathology of prion-related illnesses in bank vole (Myodes glareolus), a new in vivo model, predictable of human encephalopathies: project conducted by H. AGRIMI (ISS, Roma, Italy),
  • Development of a new in vitro model for culture of human cell lines, infectable by prion: project led by F. MOUTHON (CEA, Fontenay-aux-Roses, France), in collaboration with H. LAUDE (INRA, Jouy-en-Josas, France) and R. HESP (Health Protection Agency, Weybridge, UK).

Axis 2

  • Development of a innovative method for detection of protein aggregates; application to the detection of prion: project carried out by b(Uppsala University, Sweden),
  • New methods for detection of prion in blood and titration of its infectivity: project headed by the French Blood Establishment (research centres of Montpellier (J. COSTE) and Lille (D. DERNIS)), in collaboration with K. HOLADA (University of Prague, Czech Republic), H. LAUDE (INRA, Jouy-en-Josas, France), E. COMOY (CEA, Fontenay-aux-Roses, France) and the Biological Safety laboratory of the company LFB (Les Ulis, France),
  • New methods for elimination of prion by filtration : project led by O. ANDREOLETTI (INRA, Toulouse, France), in collaboration with J. GRASSI (CEA, Saclay, France), H. SIMMONS (VLA, Weybridge, UK), and the company MacoPharma (Tourcoing, France).

Axis 3

  • Immunotherapy of prion-related illnesses : project conducted by C. ZURZOLO (Pasteur Institute, Paris, France),
  • New inhibitors of the conversion of physiological (PrP) into pathological prion (PrPres) : project headed by H. REZAEI (INRA, Jouy-en-Josas, France) in collaboration with A.SCHWOK (Inserm U696, Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau, France) and F. FRATERNALI (King’s College, London, UK),
  • Cannabinoïd derivatives, a new therapeutic approaches of prion-related illnesses : project carried out by J. CHABRY (IMPC, CNRS, Nice, France).

Each project is to be granted for 1 year (grant may be renewed). Sums allocated vary from 20,000 to 135,000 Euros, according to the size of the project and the number of teams involved.

A report on the projects granted will be the focus of a scientific symposium to be organised by the Foundation Alliance BioSecure and planned in Autumn 2008.

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