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2007 Call for Project

The Fondation Alliance BioSecure launched April 2007 it’s first call for project.


In line with the mission of the Foundation, priority will be given to projects related to prion diseases; however, projects addressing pathogens other than prions can be considered for funding if relevant to current public health risks.

Following topics will be considered :

  • Prion characterization, detection, pathogenesis, and therapeutics .
    For example, characterization of the infectious agent in blood and other tissues
  • Methods to remove or destroy potential contaminants in the production of biological products.
    For example, innovative approaches or mechanisms for prion inactivation or removal
  • Methods to remove or decontaminate instruments/surfaces with respect to prions.
  • Surveillance and epidemiology of prion diseases and diseases caused by other relevant emerging pathogens.

Time schedule

  • Call Closing: 1 June 2007
  • Grants awarded: 1 October 2007

Total annual amount of grant money: 400,000 euros.
It is expected that most grants will be 1-year awards, but exceptionally, longer term grants will be considered.

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