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An assessment of the relevancy of sheep and mice animal model for blood safety investigation

C. Lacroux - UMR INRA ENVT 1225 Interactions Hôtes Agents Pathogènes - Ecole Nationale Vétérinaire de Toulouse - France

TSE animal models play a pivotal role into the assessment of blood transfusion risk and for the development of methods for Prion removal in blood. Despite the fact that several of these models are already used for investigating the blood TSE issue, their relevancy towards v-CJDS in human remain debated.
In this project we will investigate the similarities/differences that could exist between some of the currently used TSE animal models and v-CJD in human in term of blood infectivity.
The results that will be obtained should answer the question related to on the relevance of different animals models for studying v-CJD blood safety issue.

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