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Comparison of bioassay, Scrapie Cell-Assay and Protein Misfolding Cycle Assay performances for detection of endogenous Prion in sheep blood

PI : O. Andreoletti - UMR INRA ENVT 1225 Interactions Hôtes Agents Pathogènes, Ecole Nationale Vétérinaire de Toulouse - France
Other Investigator : J.L. Weisbecker - INRA Domaine de Langlade - France

In v-CJD context, rapid and sensitive methods for Prion detection in blood represent a crucial need for transfusion risk control and diagnosis of incubating patients.
Recent development of transgenic mouse models that over-express the PRP gene has clearly improved our capacity to detect low amount of infectivity in tissue like blood. However, because incubation period duration and ethical issues, bioassays cannot be considered as a valid approach for infectivity screening in blood products.
In this project we will assess the performances of two approaches (Protein Misfolding Cycle Assay and Scrapie Cell Assay) which are considered as promising for Prion detection in blood.

Our results will bring valuable elements on our capacity to develop, in the near future, a Prion detection test suitable for medium to large scale blood screening.

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