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Activité de recherche sur la plateforme CEA:

The Alliance BioSecure Foundation makes available for use at a BSL-3 biosafety level (NeuroPrion Research Platform, Paris) the following equipment

Plateforme Neuroprion
CEA Fontenay aux Roses

inFlux cell sorter dedicated to prions and other highly resistant pathogens

Vidéo de présentation de l'influx cell sorter »

Fabien Aubry, ingenior at the Foundation presented at Prion 2009 a poster on results obtained with the cell sorters.

Caracteristics: inFlux cell sorter

  • 3 Solid State Lasers: 488 nm, 355nm, 635nm
  • 12 Fluorescence detectors
  • Analysis rate: 100,000 cells per second
  • Sort rates: 50,000 cells/s, purity greater than 99%
  • Decontaminable Enclosed sort Box
  • BSL3 practices, safety equipment and facilities


Inverted confocal microscope dedicated to prion infected cells

Caracterisitics : Nikon Eclipse TE-2000S

  • 2 lasers (488 nm § 543 nm)
  • 4 objectives ( x10, x20, x40, x60 )
  • 2 filters ( FITC, TRITC)
  • Thermostatic chamber
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