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Our objectives

The objective of the Alliance Biosecure Foundation under the aegis of the « Fondation pour la Recherche M├ędicale » (FABS/FRM) is to fund research projects in the field of prion. This is accomplished by the selection of research projects exclusively through calls for projects.

The governance of the FABS / FRM is provided by an Executive Committee and a Scientific Council. The Executive Committee decides the FABS/FRM strategy, publish its goals and means and vote the annual budget. The Executive Committee may be assisted by one or advisory committees as necessary by area of intervention. Composition, the mission and the mode for the renewal of these advisory committees shall be adopted by the Executive Committee of the FABS/ FRM and submitted to FRM for approval.

The Executive Committee is assisted by a Scientific Council that drives Calls for Project. The Scientific Council defines the set of the procedures of the calls for projects. It examines the funding requests to the FABS and their relevance to the objectives. It defines and performs the selection of projects to be funded. It is also responsible to assist the Executive Committee in the definition of policy research and the scientific objectives of the FABS.

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