Risk assessment

Prion Zoonotic

Study of the zoonotic potential of the diversity of prions circulating in livestock ruminants using transgenic mouse models

2014: 2 years / Grant: 54 000 euros

Project: To assessthe zoonotic potential of the diversity of TSE agents, that have probablycirculated in farmed ruminants (cows, sheep and goats), the project Prion Zoonotic studied cross species transmissions (ruminants/humans) using transgenic mice expressing human PrP (129 Met/Met or 129Val/Val). To that purpose, a broad diversity of strains circulating in Europe have been selected and inoculated to these transgenic mice.

Main results and related published data: As this program was founded recently, it is too early to present results. Cross species contamination requires more than 700 days for the incubation period.