Risk assessment


Transmission of CWD deer isolates to voles and transgenic PrP-humanized mice

2014: 1 year / Grant: 40 000 euros

Project: With the aim to investigate the question of transmissibility of CWD to humans, and to determine whether deer PrP polymorphisms were associated with distinctcross-speciestransmission properties, the project“CWDVHM” proposed to study and characterize the transmission of isolates from CWD infected deer with different genotypes to transgenic PrP humanized mice and voles.
Additional characterisation of PrPTSE through PMCA assays were also proposed to complete the study.

Main results and related published data: Inoculations into transgenic humanized mice have been conducted. The animals will be monitored for two years for possible transmissions. This program was funded recently and it is still ongoing.