PrPTSE detection


Slice culture Assay for Express CJD agent Detection in blood and other biological products

2013 : 1 year / Grant: 50 000 euros

Project: The ultimate aim of the project “SAFE CJD” was to use cerebellar organotypic brain slice culture derived from transgenic mice expressing the human prion protein (with different polymorphism at residue 129) to detect PrPTSE in biological fluids and tissue, in particular, from blood.

Main results and related published data: The consortium hasshown that Cerebellar Organotypic Slice Culture Assay (COSCA), using cerebellar slices from several transgenic mice over-expressing ovine PrP Tg(338), was a sensitive tool to detect Prion in white blood cells (WBC) from scrapie infected sheep. COSCA was also able to detect PrPTSE replication in WBC from asymptomaticscrapie infected sheep. The transposition of this assay using human blood derived products is ongoing.

White blood cell-based detection of asymptomatic scrapie infection by ex vivo assays. Halliez S, Jaumain E, Huor A, Douet JY, Lugan S, Cassard H, Lacroux C, Béringue V, Andréoletti O, Vilette D. PLoS One. 2014 Aug 14;9(8):e104287. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0104287. eCollection 2014.