PrPTSE detection


Detection of PrPSc (a biomarker for TSE infection) in blood using QuIC shake technology: validation of in vitro studies with infectivity models

2009: 1 year / Grant: 79 000 euros

Project: This project proposed to determine whether the QuIC amplification and improved QuIC (Real Time-QuIC and enhanced-QuIC (using immunocapture or precipitation)) methods could allow the detection of PrPTSE in blood from experimental BSE in sheep that mimics vCJD infection in humans.

Main results and related published data: By using an archive of blood components collected at serial time points from sheep experimentally infected with BSE (from before infection, throughout the incubation period and through to the development of a clinical disease), the consortium perfomed different tests based on QuIC., RT-QuIC, and PrP Immunocapture using BC6 antibody or PTA precipitation. The combination of these methodologies allowed them to amplify PrPTSE in PBMCs and plasma from the clinical stage of BSE-infected sheep.

QuIC amplification of BSE infected sheep blood identifies prion aggregates in peripheral blood cells and plasma. Richard Alejo Blanco, Chris de Wolf, Boon Chin Tan, Allister JA Smith, Christina Orrù, Byron Caughey, Jean C Manson, and Sandra McCutcheon. Prion vol 4 suppt 1 p96.