PrPTSE detection

PMD- Chip

Diagnostic Chip for early detection of Protein Misfoding Disorders

2012: 1 year / Grant: 35 000 euros

Project: The objective of the project was to develop a new method for prion detection in plasma combining two innovative detection methods: a Multimer Detection System (MDS) developed by a Korean team, and a micro sensor reading system. The MDS technique was supposed to differentiate multimers from monomers using specific antibodies.

Main results and related published data: Before adapting thisinnovative technologyto plasma from vCJD, and in order to find the best conditions of association between these two technologies, the consortium tested the method on plasma from scrapie infected lambs and non-infected controls.
They showed that the electrochemical detection in a microfluidicsystem allows a sensitive detection of PrPTSE without any prior amplification.