PrPTSE detection

Evaluation of Real time-QuIC and enhanced QuIC assays

Evaluation of the Real Time QuIC and Enhanced QuIC assays for ante-mortem and pre-symptomatic diagnosis of vCJD, sCJD, classical and atypical scrapie

2012: 1 year / Grant: 40 000 euros

Project: With this project, C. Orru aimed to use the RT-QuIC and eQuIC techniques which she helped develop in Dr. B. Caughey’s laboratory, to develop an ante-mortem and pre-symptomatic diagnostic test for human and ovine prion diseases.

Main results and related published data: Following the successful implementation of the technique in Italy, the adaptation of the RT-QuIC to the detection of prion seeding activityin peripheral samples allowed the consortium to develop protocols for prion detection based on RT-QuIC and enhanced-QuIC. For example, the use of truncated substrates and SDS as well as a higher temperature, improved the speed and sensitivity ofsCJD detection in CSFsamples. Recently C. Orru also showed that bacterially expressed recombinant bank vole prion protein (residues 23-230) could be used as a substrate for RT-QuIC detection of prions in several species (human, cattle, sheep, cervids and rodents). In addition, discrimination between classical and atypical L-type bovine spongiform encephalopathy,classical and atypical Nor98 scrapie in sheep, and sporadic and variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, could be performed using the bank vole substrate.