PrPTSE detection

Cattle Blood BSE

vCJD/BSE agent detection in plasma

2012: 18 months / Grant: 40 000 euros

Project: The objective of “Cattle Blood BSE” was to evaluate and validate the possibilityto detect, using PMCA, PrPTSE in the plasma of asymptomatic and symptomatic non-human primatesinfected with BSE/vCJD and of vCJD patients. A second part of the project was to determine the sensitivity of the method compared to conventional Bioassay.

Main results and related published data: The consortium first determined the best conditions and substratesforsensitive and specificin vitro amplifications ofvCJD and BSE agents using PMCA.
Substrates corresponding to brain homogenate of ovine Q171 PrP transgenic mice gave high performances independently of the vCJD/BSE agent origin (human, sheep, non human primates, pig and cattle). They also obtained PrPTSE amplification from blood, white blood cells or buffycoat from sheep BSE or non-human primate vCJD/BSE experimental models, even during the early preclinical stage of the incubation period. In the paper resulting from this work, a blind test of buffy coats from vCJD patients and controls identified 3 out of the 4 vCJD patients. This suggests the use of this methods for the prevention of prion iatrogenic transmission.

Preclinical detection of variant CJD and BSE prions in blood. Lacroux C, Comoy E, Moudjou M, Perret-Liaudet A,Lugan S,Litaise C, Simmons H, Jas-Duval C,Lantier I, Béringue V, Groschup M, Fichet G, Costes P, Streichenberger N, Lantier F, Deslys JP, Vilette D, Andréoletti O. PLoS Pathog. 2014 Jun 12;10(6):e1004202. doi: 10.1371/journal.ppat.1004202. eCollection 2014.