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Prion Infected Cells Sorting to develop robust cell models infectable by Human prion strains

2007: 2 years / Grant: 79 000 euros

Project: The project PICS proposed to develop a cell culture model sensitive to human prions. In 2007 there was no cell model sensitive to human prions. This development was based on the fact that while working with previously prion infected cell lines (infected with prions other than human prions), modifications of immunoreactivity of specific membrane proteins were identified when the cells were infected using the FACS from the FABS. Based on this hallmark it was possible to select clones that could be susceptible to prions.

Main results and related published data: The set-up of the Foundation’s cell sorter in L3 safety conditionstook a long part of the project. In a firststep cellsorting allowed the purification of infected cellschallenged with murine adapted BSE strain, from globalcell population after infection. Of note, the system allowed the identification of populations with different levels of PrPTSE. Adaptation of the method on transgenic RK13 cell line which expressed Bank-vole PrP as susceptible model of BSE bank-vole strain was then initiated to improve the cell model before an evaluation with human cells and human prions.