Surf- PMCA

Use of contaminated surfaces as PMCA templates for the evaluation of prion decontamination procedures

2010: 2 years / Grant: 75 000 euros

Project : The project“Surf-PMCA” proposed to optimize and evaluate the capacity and the sensitivity of PMCA to amplify residual PrPTSE following treatments designed to decontaminate prions. The aim was to develop a method for the evaluation and pre-screening of decontamination procedures before a bioassay definitive validation.

Main results and related published data: The consortium first adapted PMCA methodsto detect small amounts of PrPTSE on stainless-steel wire surfaces following their contamination with brain homogenates from vCJD patients or scrapie infected sheep. This technique was then used on prion contamined steel wires treated with several reference and commercially prion-specific decontamination procedures. Some of the “contaminated-decontaminated” wires were shown to be less devoid of PrPTSE than expected.