Smad Prion

Statistical methodology for assessing decontamination procedures for the prion

2010: 1 year / Grant: 40 000 euros

Project: The project aimed to establish the relevance of prion decontamination process allowing eduction of animal numbers in animal bioassay.

Main results and related published data: A review of the statistical methods used for assessing decontamination procedures was carried out. All methods rely on titration by the serial dilution method. However, it turns out that the methods in use are either based on the analysis of infection (endpoint data) or incubation (time to event data). This conceptual change has not been put forward by the different authors. It leads naturally to examining the interest of cure models that allow simultaneous quantitation of the risk of infection and the duration of incubation.
Following several technical developmentsrelated to the methodsthat mainlytake into account serial dilution and titration analysis, the implementation of an R package has been proposed to the community by the CRAN website under the name “Package‘serialDilution’ May 23, 2013”.