Probing the decontamination of surgical instruments from human prions by quantitative PMCA

2012: 6 Months / Grant: 14 000 euros

Project: As animal bioassay was necessary to evaluate the efficacy of surgical decontamination process, the “Prodec” project aimed at assessing an in vitro alternative method based on PMCA assay.

Main results and related published data: Following the adaptation of PMCA using steel wire contaminated with hamster scrapie infected brain homogenate, M. Beekes´ group used, in this program,vCJD homogenate to contaminate steel wire to be used then asseed for PMCA. They were able to monitor a seeding activity on steel wires coated with 10-2-10-5 diluted vCJD stock. They therefore proposed and showed the relevance of using this procedure for the endpoint titration in disinfection studies.