Prion Removal

Prion Characterization, detection and removal from blood product

2007: 1 year / Grant: 70 000 euros

Project: In this project, Olivier Andreoletti aimed to evaluate the impact of the use ofspecificfilters (Pall or Asahi) on the infectiosity of blood from scrapie infected sheep. These filters were designed to allow not only a leucoreduction, but also a prion reduction.

Main results and related published data: To achieve their goal, the consortium has taken advantage of a relevant experimental model of scrapie in sheep. Blood was collected from 15 orally scrapie infected sheep at the peak of infectiosity. The blood was then processed according to the French Transfusion Service procedures and inoculated to prion free sheep. Even if the use of filters did not allow a total protection from infection, the tested filters were shown to allow a strong decrease of transmission risk.